Roller Door Garage Shed 4.17m x 7.21m x 3.24m Workshop + Side PA Door with 4 Frames EXTRA High

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$3,999.00 Price:
$3,999.00 Price:


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- Quick & Easy to Assemble
- Ridge Reinforced Walls
- Extra Frames - 4 frames design
- Extra High 3.24m

- External Dimensions: 4.17m (W) x 7.21m (D) x 3.24m (H) 
- Internal Dimensions: 4.05m (W) x 6.69m (D) x 3.17m (H)
- Ridge height: 3.24m
- Roller door size: 2.55m (W) x 2.18m (H)
- Side Door size: 0.7m (W) x 1.94m (H)

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